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A Guide to Stones, Oils, Clays and More

During your treatment at the spa, Serenity’s expert estheticians and massage therapists will use a variety of products to enhance your experience. From serums and lotions that moisturize your skin, to exfoliating scrubs that brush away dryness — there’s a lot that goes into the perfect spa treatment.

See below for more information about the stones, oils, clays and more used at your favorite Sandestin spa.


Oils provide many benefits. They’re used to moisturize skin and reduce friction during massage treatments, and also produce scents that relax the body and mind. At Serenity, spa treatments include the use of high-quality oils that leave your skin feeling moisturized and refreshed without a greasy, heavy feeling. 


Heated stones are also used in a variety of massage and body treatments. Stones provide direct heat to the body, helping to quickly melt away tension, ease any muscle stiffness you’re experiencing and increase circulation. If you’re interested in a treatment that uses the power of hot stones, try Moroccan Body Melt, where our therapists use warm, smooth basalt stones to relieve aches and pains and melt away tension. You can also include hot stones, aromatherapy and more relaxing enhancements to any massage service when booking your appointment.


Many of our spa treatments use additional products like clays and minerals. Clays are particularly powerful when used for a facial or body mask. The clay draws out toxins from the skin and tightens pores — leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Minerals, salt and sugar crystals on the other hand are great for exfoliation. In our Replenishing Body Polish treatment, a silky exfoliate containing sea-water crystals is applied to the skin. The sea-derived crystals help remove any dead skin cells, giving your body a beautiful glow.

Serenity spa treatments use the highest-quality products to ensure you have the best experience possible. Visit our Sandestin spa location to try some of the treatments mentioned above!

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