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Wedding Day Photo Tips for Hot, Sunny Days

When it comes to planning a wedding near Destin Beach, Florida, many brides worry about how to get the best pictures on a hot, sunny day. Don’t let the heat — or the bright sun — have an effect on documenting the happiest day of your life.

We talked to our makeup experts at Serenity by the sea Spa and one of our favorite photographers at Sunset Images Photography to compile tips to make sure you get the perfect beach wedding photos that you have always dreamed of!


When it comes to getting the best pictures on your wedding day, lighting is the main factor to consider. Harsh lighting on white sand beaches can make beach wedding photos look blown out or overexposed. Be sure your photographer uses the best angles for posing and lights you appropriately with the sun. Taking photos on the beach in Florida one to two hours before sunset will help provide the best natural lighting. Another benefit of taking photos close to sunset —  the temperature is much cooler than it is in the late morning or early afternoon


If you are unable to take photos one to two hours before sunset, you will need to make sure that you find shade. Sometimes shade can be hard to locate at beaches in Florida. If that’s the case, have someone hold an umbrella to help block the sun — umbrellas can also be used as a fun prop in pictures. The shade will block the harsh light and also help keep you and your wedding party nice and cool during photo time. With your shade (whether natural or man-made), make sure you don't block the light completely. You'll still want to have some sun shining on you to highlight the subjects in the picture and create a beautiful beach backdrop.


Beaches in Florida are often times very windy — and no bride wants hair flying in her face during photo time. Our photography friends at Sunset Images Photography suggest brides opt for an updo, which will keep your hair away from your face. And even though veils may seem like they’d be difficult to maneuver in the wind, they can actually provide a great, unique feature to your beach wedding photos (try letting it flow in the wind, or posing as a couple beneath the veil). For men, choose your fashion wisely. Although a full suit may look great, it might be more strategic to opt for something a bit lighter during your photo session. Try removing your suit jacket, or just holding it over your shoulder.


Wedding receptions on hot, sunny days make it hard to keep your makeup looking fresh and natural, especially during an outdoor photo session. In order to get the best results, you should always begin with prepping and priming your skin. This will allow for a flawless makeup application. Also, when getting married on beaches in Florida, you will want to be sure to protect your skin with a SPF 30-50 moisturizer. No bride wants to see a sunburn in her photos!


At Serenity by the sea Spa, we always suggest brides apply waterproof makeup to protect against those happy tears! Layering your lashes will also keep your watery eyes looking big and wide on your big day and in all your pictures. Our makeup artists also recommend highlighting the brow and cheek bones to give a radiant finish to your makeup. This adds light to the face which makes your facial features pop and look more prominent. Using a finishing spray on top of your makeup will help keep you looking fresh under the sun. And just in case — it’s always a good idea to give your photographer a few makeup blotting papers to blot away any imperfections during photo time

Photos of your wedding on the beach in Florida will provide you with memories to last a lifetime. There is no reason to fear a hot, sunny day. Use the tips above to make sure the pictures of the happiest day of your life turn out absolutely perfect!

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