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Tips to Make the Most of Your Massage

Prepare to be pampered! Massages at Serenity by the sea Spa are all about melting away stress, erasing tension and helping our guests feel relaxed and rejuvenated. But if you’ve never been to our Destin spa before or you haven’t had many massages before, you might wonder if there’s anything you can do to make your massage even better. Here are our top tips on how to make the most of your massage at our Destin-area spa.

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Most massage therapists suggest drinking water both before and after your massage, and we also suggest you stay hydrated. Getting a massage releases toxins into your body and drinking water helps flush them out. Without drinking water, you might feel light-headed or queasy after your treatment. You’ll find plenty of bottled water and pitchers with fruit-infused water around our spa. Slip into your plush spa robe and drink at least one cup of water before and after your treatment.


Prepare your body by spending some time at our Serenity Lounge before your massage appointment — guests have access to all the Destin spa amenities we offer the entire day of their appointment. Head to our whirlpools, sauna and steam room to help soothe your muscles and loosen your limbs so your massage is as blissful and therapeutic as can be. Or pamper yourself even more by adding extra spa services or even a luxurious half-day or full-day spa package to your massage.


This might sound obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time to relax in our Serenity Lounge after your massage instead of running off to another commitment. Read a magazine in our Women’s Lounge or rinse off the massage oils under our luxury Aroma Sense shower heads, with strong water pressure, negative ions and natural aroma oils that produces fresh fragrances to relieve stress and boost your mood. These activities will help extend that post-massage feeling — you don’t want to negate all the relaxation that the massage provided by cutting your spa day short. Instead, take some time to slowly get back into your day and perhaps plan a relaxing evening with a special someone.

With these tips and our expert massage therapists, you’re sure to find your bliss. So just relax and give in to indulgence. We’ll take care of the rest, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

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